• ST6-2F-2K E9th tuning Hudson Pedal steel Mahogany Cabinet


    All Guitars built to order. Expect about 5 to 7  weeks for Guitar to ship.

    This guitar comes with my new Cross fret board. Or you can request my other designs. 

    New Hudson ST6-2F-2K Six String E 9th tuning Pedal steel guitar.

    I build these to order and it is around a 6 to 10 week wait time from day of order before guitar is ready to ship.

    The setup is E 9th tuning E F# G# B E G# Low to High strings 3-8 of a standard 10 string pedal steel.
    Pedal A raises the B to C#   Pedal B Raises the G#'s to A  
     LKL Raises the E's to F LKR Lowers the E's to D#

    Guitar only 14 Lbs.

    Hard Case is sold separate. 

    Maple Cabinet options available.

    Call 704-986-6481