• ST6-2F-2K E9th tuning Hudson Pedal steel Mahogany Cabinet


    All Guitars built to order. Expect about 6 to 8  weeks for Guitar to ship.

    This guitar comes with my new Cross fret board. Or you can request my other designs. 
    Online Purchases Ask for invoice and Pay with Check or Credit card.

    New Hudson ST6-2F-2K Six String E 9th tuning Pedal steel guitar.

    I build these to order and it is around a 6 to 10 week wait time from day of order before guitar is ready to ship.

    The setup is E 9th tuning E F# G# B E G# Low to High strings 3-8 of a standard 10 string pedal steel.
    Pedal A raises the B to C#   Pedal B Raises the G#'s to A  
     LKL Raises the E's to F LKR Lowers the E's to D#

    Guitar only 14 Lbs.

    Hard Case is sold separate. 

    Maple Cabinet options available.

    Call 704-986-6481