ST6 2F-2K Left handed Pedal steel guitar


All Guitars built to order.

Expect about 3  weeks for Guitar to ship.

Triangle fretboard comes standard on this guitar. or you can ask for other designs. 

Online Purchases Ask for invoice and Pay with Check or Credit card.

Hudson Left Handed  ST6 2 Floor pedals and 2 knee lever E 9th tuning Pedal steel guitar.

Note: This is a LEFT HANDED pedal steel.

Plain Maple Cabinet and neck  Guitar weighs in at 14 Lbs.

Maple Keyhead with string rollers at the nut.
Ball Bearing mounted cross shafts in undercarriage. 

HG2 Humbucker Pickup  

Pull Release Changer

Well built, good guitar for the beginner or intermediate player.

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