• New Mullen Discovery 10 string 3 floor 4 knee levers E9th tuning


     Online Purchases Ask for invoice and Pay with Check or Credit card.

    Black ,  Blue or Red can be ordered for the color you want

    New Mullen Discovery Red, Black, or Blue mica 3 Floor pedals and 4 knee levers are standard
    This is a pro model Pedal steel. Easy to transport 41 Lbs. in case 27 lbs. setup to play.

    All pull changer setup is easy to change all bel cranks moveable.
    These guitars pedals and knee levers are as smooth as butter. 

    This is a great guitar for Pro or anyone that loves the sound of a great steel guitar.

    If you want a 3 floor pedal and 4 knee lever model I offer those Priced $2295.00 + Shipping

    I am a Dealer for these here in NC. If you want to try one in person you can come by my studio and go for a ride.

    Call 704-986-6481 for more info. I can order you any model new Mullen you want.
    If you order a new Mullen it will be about a 12 week wait on most orders.