• Hudson ST6-2F-1K RH E 9th Tiger Maple Pedal Steel


    Online Purchases Ask for invoice and Pay with Check or Credit card.

    All Guitars built to order. Expect about 3 to 4 weeks for Guitar to ship.

    All fret boards are Cross fret markers  or you can ask for other designs

    Hudson ST6-2F-lK E9th Six String Pedal steel Guitar.
    Right handed guitar. For Right handed player.
    This is the Tiger Maple Model.
    Has ball bearing undercarriage. Hand wound pickup. 
    Easy to play and stays in tune.
    Comes standard setup in E9th tuning and Emmons setup on Pedals and knee levers. Standard height from floor to bottom of guitar is 25 inches and works for most players up to 5 Feet 11 inches tall. If you are taller or shorter please let me know so I can make the guitar correct height for you.

    I also offer custom built pedal steels. I build 6 string pedal steels.
    Call for more info. 8AM-9PM EST. 704-986-6481