• HUDSON PR10 Pedal steel guitar 3&4

    $1,595.00 $1,395.00

    New Hudson PR10 Pedal Steel Guitar  Custom built to order. This one is Blue Stain.
    Available in Natural clear coat finish, Also in Black stain or Black Cherry stain, Blue Stain, Green Stain.
    Custom built to order in approx. 3 weeks.
    Available right handed or left handed same price.
    Fret Board is triangles . Standard. You can ask for any design I offer.

    3 Floor pedals and 4 knee levers

    E9th tuning and setup

    Pull release changer for tone to the bone.
    We did a side by side test for tone and sustain with a Emmons push pull pedal steel.
     The Hudson PR10 has the same tone as the Emmons push pull and sustains longer than the Emmons.

    Comes with BL 705 pickup

    Grover mini tuning keys.

    Comes shipped in a shipping crate that can be made into a hard case very easy with a little hardware and case carpet.
    I ship with USPS or FEDex
    Call for more info 704-986-6481 8AM-9PM EST