• Hudson Pedal resonator Guitar 3 & 4


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    Hudson Pedal resonator guitar 3 Floor pedals and 4 knee levers D9th tuning and standard setup.
    The guitar comes with a standard hard case custom built to fit the guitar.
    These guitars are ALL CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER.
    CALL TO ORDER 704-986-6481  8AM-9PM EST
    It takes about 2 1/2 to 3 months from the time you order till it is ready to ship.
    I build these in my spare time and I don't have a lot of spare time.
    That is the reason it takes up to 3 months to get one built.
    This one has a  Pull Release Changer  Great tone and sustain.
    I do offer one with a pull release changer for $3695.00 if that would be of interest to you.
    Comes with 2 pickups. one Neck pickup for more pedal steel sound. And one cone pickup for more resonator sound.
    The wood on the body is hard to get so I limit the wood to what I can get that will work for the build.
    These guitars sound very good. 
    Sound clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA5M-NVPEGY

    Listen to the end. More clips up in a few days.
    Call for questions 704-986-6481
    6PM-9PM EST