• Champ Style Deluxe 8 string lap steel guitar kit

    $409.95 $369.95

    Champ Deluxe 8 string lap steel guitar KIT.
    Comes as you see in photos.
    Comes with vol and tone pots and out put jack and enough wire to connect it up.
    Comes with Kluson Tuning keys and Tuning Pan
    Comes with Laser cut fret board.
    The body wood is Poplar. That is the only wood offered on this Lap steel kit.
    The same pickups that fit the string master 8 string lap steel fits this guitar also.
    The pickups do not come with the kit.

    You can get the pickups from: sentellpickups.net    Single Coil Guitar Pickups (sentellpickups.net)

    These lap steel kits are made up as ordered. Most ship out in 3 to 7 days.
    Thanks for looking.